Friday, 4 April 2008

Warm chickpea salad

Nice salad to end a long day...:) I picked up this recipe from Les Recettes d'Orangette, Warm Chickpea salad with Shallots and Red wine Vinaigrette. Pretty easy to do if you use canned chickpeas. However, in SG, it's so much cheaper to buy dried chickpeas and cook it yourself than to buy canned garbanzo beans which can't be found in your usual mom-n-pop shops.
I soaked the dried chickpeas overnight and cooked for more than an hour till soft. You can do this step safely a night before, ie, soak them in the morning, cook in the evening, and use them the next evening. Just reboil or microwave the chickpeas before use to heat them up. The flavour develops with heat, I conclude. I added a whole red onion even though my chickpeas wasn't that much according to the recipe. This is a recipe which you can alter the quantity easily and won't affect the final output. Other than the salt in the onion mixture, I did not add any additional salt as teh vinegar taste is good enough. Lots of black pepper helps.
I did not have rice last night, just half of a plate of this... :) Feel healthy and satisfied.

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