Saturday, 1 March 2008

Instant food- Yummy

I am in Bangalore for a week now... no time to blog...of cos, with the kind of work I have. For a start, don't get me wrong. I like Indian food. Go to any Straits Kitchen restaurant for their buffet lunch and I will queue for the Indian food first, or maybe desserts first... :P But...but, the Indian food caterer at the manufacturing plant is not one I want to eat everyday. Moreover, my cold and sore throat is forcing me to keep away from the spices.
So... before I came, I was in Chiangmai for a short holiday with W and bought these 2 types of instant porridge and rice. Actually, I never like instant food...NEVER. Had all the instant noodles during my uni days and after knowing the load of msg that goes in, I don't want to have even a pack of Maggi mee in my house. Buying these were not easy too, lucky for the limited English wordings and the big 'No MSG' label! HAHA. The porridge came in handy as I was pretty sick and the Indian food was rather cold. The hot porridge was comfort food, and you won't believe, cos I couldn't believe it as well... it tasted so damn good!!! I have no idea how they made it, but when hot water was added in, the fish flavour was just so strong and smell like the fish porridge I order at the food centre. Sedap! Next on is the Thai basil rice. I just had it.... it was so spicy! But did you see the whole basil leave inside? I was expecting those dried basil flakes sold in supermarkets. Boy... I was so impressed by the fish porridge that I had an impulse to email the coy and ask them to import to SG...hahaha. If I dish them out into a proper bowl, they wont look instant at all!

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