Friday, 7 March 2008

International Woman's Day - Bye to Bangalore

Compliments from the hotel
Flowers from the Local office

Today is my last day of work in Bangalore. My flight back to SG is 11pm, and my meeting was changed from 1130am to 5pm. It's such a dissapointment as we were looking forward to going off much earlier than normal and settle in a cosy pub in the early evening. Too bad... have to rush later. The local office celebrates International Woman's Day in advance as tomorrow is weekend. All ladies receive a bouquet of flowers and a letter signed by the MD. It's such a nice gesture by the company. I am going back and tell the SG office about it. And in the CN office, ladies gets 1/2 day off to go shopping!!! What in the world is the SG office doing???

Anyway, Happy Woman's Day! And gals, its TGIF! Yeah!

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