Sunday, 10 August 2008

Pao De Quejio

This is a type of Brazilian cheese bread popular in the streets of Brazil. Why I made this? It all started with me looking for mochi bread premix in Taiwan. As I searched through the websites, I saw discussion and comparison between the mochi bread and this Pao de Quejio. Surprisingly, this Brazil cheese bread uses tapioca flour, cheese, oil and eggs, which is rather different from the mochi bread.

So I decided to have a go at it, since I have tapioca flour and parmesan cheese on standby. There are alot of recipes on the web and varies slightly between each of them. Decided to use the recipe from here. I did half a portion and followed the recipe closely. Instead of milk, I used unsweeteened soya milk. When you add the egg and cheese, put on the a disposable glove and knead the mixture well using your knuckles. I had one which has uncooked tapioca flour in the middle! Apparently, I did not knead it well enough.

Well, the dough will expand during the baking process but once it's taken out of the oven, it starts to flatten a bit. It's a savoury bread, nice with coffee. Can do with an additional small pinch of salt if the cheese is not strong enough. A little chewy, similar to mochi bread, but I guess if we want to a sweet version, can always add sugar and some chocolate chips in. Black sesame will be a good idea too!

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