Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cranberry Shortbread Bar

Red Jewels
Fresh cranberries are a rare find in Singapore and when I saw them at the local supermarkets sold at a reasonable price, I immediately grabbed 2 bags and stashed them into the freezer. Cranberries is a must for Christmas, but I did not manage to use it for the X'mas. Instead, I used it to mark the last day of 2008. Lovely jewels, these darlings, and when they are cooked, the skins just burst and the lovely juice coloured the whole pot red. Brillant. My recipe came from here. Once again, another recipe for keeps. Only complaint is that my shortbread did not get golden brown after 30mins at 190C. Maybe it's my oven, but I ended up baking for another 30mins, with 20mins at 200C. At the end of it, the top is still not golden brown and I am running out of time, I did a naughty thing... grilled it for 3mins, and voila! A nicely browned shortbread. Don't worry about the sugar content in the cranberry syrup, it's necessary, otherwise, it's just too sour to eat it fresh. Trust me, I did not believe and tried it right from the packaging. Urksss... really really sour. The wakening effect is better than any espresso!


chumpman said...

Hi, my first visit here.

I'm a berry lover, I love all kinds of berries ! Fresh cranberries are not available here in HK also. So when I found frozen cranberries in supermarket, I grabbed one packet in a second. But, same as your experience, tasted really really sour, LOL !

I'm big fan of desserts both western and chinese, just too coward to try baking yet. This shortbread bar looks really yummy and tempting, can't wait to take a big big bite, hehe. Bravo !

samshiki said...

Hi Chumpman,
glad that you manage to get your hands on frozen cranberries! better than nothing! haha.
Do try out the recipe, it's not difficult to do, since there's no need to manage the dough into any shape. You are based in HK? Then, there must be alot of goodies there! yum yum.