Sunday, 4 January 2009

Gula Melaka Kueh Bangkit

It's the time to bake CNY cookies again. After 1 year break from Kueh Bangkit, I am trying my hands on it again.
Followed Aunty Yochana's recipe and switched the sugar to gula melaka. The gula melaka really made it fragrant. Can smell it even when the cookies are still in the oven! This batch is just an experiment, to test the texture and refresh myself with the 'feel' again, esp the feeling of the dough, can't be too dry or too wet. My 1st batch was too dry, resulting in a crispy texture. Only the third and fourth tray really churned out the texture that I was looking for, the melt-in-your-mouth texture. My hubby and MIL, both fussy eaters of Kueh Bangkit, gave the thumbs up! Really glad that this recipe works out.
Once again, Thanks to Aunty Lucy!


Anonymous said...


May I know the exact substitution for sugar to gula melaka?

Thanks a lot

samshiki said...


My intention was to substitute 1-for-1. But in end, I did not have enough gula melaka to measure up to 220g of sugar, so I use caster sugar to make up the difference. I think the main purpose of gula melaka is the fragrance. :)

Simonne said...

do u melt ur gula melaka ?
Can u tell me how u add gula melaka to ur kuih bangkit?

samshiki said...

Hi Simone,

I put my gula melaka into the coconut milk and boil together with the pandan leaves. Hope this helps.
You have to shave the gula melaka into smaller pieces so that they will melt easily. Otherwise, by the time the gula melaka dissolve, the coconut milk would have dried out. Of course, you can try melting the gula melaka over brain marie and mix into the boiled coconut milk. Hope all these info helps.