Sunday, 18 November 2007


Yes! I did made hummus today! Was surfing the blogs on Friday and saw this recipe from the Wednesday Chef. Bought a 250g pack of dried chickpeas from the supermarket on Sat, and decided... what the heck, so do it... Well, there are alot of recipes lying around which I want to do, alot of office work to clear, and things in the kitchen pantry waiting for me to use up before they expire. And of course, things to blog about. :)

So, whatever, this is my first attempt in making hummus. Boy, am I glad I did it. No more store-bought hummus after this time. All that cleaning up of the food processor was worth while, when I saw W's eyes grew big after his first taste of the hummus. We are fans of Mediterrenean food; tzatiki and hummus being 2 of the popular dips we love when we were in Greece for our honeymoon.

Thanks Luisa, for this wonderful recipe. It's really a keeper! Basically, it made my Sunday! :)

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