Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday - Breakfast and Dinner

Saturday... a day to catch up on sleep, housework, exercise, office work and whatever you can't finish in the first 5 days of the week. Something that I always look forward on Saturday is breakfast. Not that I don't eat b'fast during the week, but its always eaten in front of the laptop in office. So, Saturday is a great time to sit in a coffee shop; a simple one will do... kopi and a piece of kueh... that's all and I'm satisfied... total cost? $1.10. Damn, could have been a dollar if not for the 10c price increase for the ming jiang kueh...haha...wonderful way to start the day. Loved the way the kueh was done at this stall. The filling is crushed peanuts and sugar, a weekly indulge for me. I can't stand those with a filling similar to peanut butter, gooey and messy, with no fragrance at all. The best ming jiang kueh I had was actually in Cameron Highlands, where the skin is thin and crisp, not like SG's version where the skin is so thick. The ancik will add crushed peanuts, sweet corn and a little condensed milk! hahahaa... sinful rite? But so so good...yummy...:)

Dinner... W is finally back from his trip to Jarkata. Well, apparently he had loads of fun eating and shopping for real Polos. According to him, he ate loads of carbs and well, put on weight of course.

Planned for Sat's dinner two night ago. Decided to try out the chives kimchi I read from a TW recipe book. Also, in order to clear my pantry, decided to do a fried rice cakes. So on Thursday, I soaked the dried chinese rice cakes, changing water daily. As for the kimchi, it was an experience doing it, getting a bit of mess on my t-shirt. But luckily the result tasted ok... none of us had a tummy upset... :) Will be writing up the recipe for these 2 dishes in the next post... for now... need to clear some office work... that's what happens when your boss gives you a laptop...:P

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