Friday, 16 November 2007

TGIF - A week of work and no play

This week is not the best of weeks I can have. Doing Singapore assignments is the worst thing that can happen to me in work. Things takes longer to be given to you, people are slower to get back to you on your questions... and people go on leave without telling you! when you need them!!! Urghhh....

Well, to make myself feel better mentally, i decided to blog an entry before i leave the office. Quite unproductive today, no mood to work, as u can see... well these kind of stuff does happens once in a while. Anyway, its quite impossible that I can complete my work by next Friday. There are tons of stuff to plough through next week.
I am already thinking of the dinner I am going to cook later... :p
Ok guys, have a great weekend. I know, I still owe the entry on the chives kimchi... going to polish it off later... Might be doing hummus this wkend...hee

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