Friday, 27 July 2007

Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

Did I say I was soooo excited that I was able to be back in the kitchen??!! :D Am I glad to be back home and see all my famiiar kitchen tools again.
What's more exciting is that I found a reason to bake again! My colleagues from Thailand had came over to the SG office for a 2 day training. What's a better gift other than my own handmade cookies?
Searched a couple of blogs yesterday and came across this
recipe and decided to give it a try...

First time doing biscotti, think not very successful, as u can see from the pictures...the shapes are not very uniformed. Also, I think I let the biscuit rest for too long before I cut them... they became too firm to cut properly, that's y in the end, the sides are not sharp... In fact some pieces even fell off when i cut them, as u can see from the pic below... :(

Taste wise, not bad. Instead of chocolate chips mentioned in the recipe, I took a bar of Meiji 86% dark chocolate, used the rolling pin to break into small pieces and added them in. Saved me the $ on buying choc chips... ;)

oh well, i am definitely going to try this again. Think ve to do a bit of research before rushing into it... Told W that I will prepare a new batch for him when he is back from his China trip.

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