Monday, 23 July 2007

Jarkata pictures - Emping

Emping, or Belingo, or 'Kor Pia' (Bitter biscuits) as we sometimes call it, its a fantastic snack in Indonesia. They come in all flavours: spicy, sweet, plain. They go really well with sambal. My auditee was so nice that she brought me few packets from Surabaya, which she claims produce even better emping. So below are some of the pics of the emping I took on the office floor... drool....:P

ok, other than the cooked or dried emping, have a look at the fresh one. Its used mostly in vegetable soups. It has an outer layer which needs to be removed, a internal hard husk, which literally has to be bitten off into 2... before u can see the nut inside. Somewhat looks similar to a peanut, doesnt it...

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