Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Tiramisu with Strawberries

This is post that should be posted long time ago... Just could not find the time to do it. Made tiramisu with strawberries for my colleague Ashley right after I came back from Sydney. Promised her a tiramisu for her bday.
I remembered coming across an article on Straits Times on the recipe for tiramisu. Did 1/4 of the recipe, using 250g of mascarpone cheese. However, I used close to 400g of strawberries. Instead of just egg yolks, i also used the egg whites by whisking them stiff and mixing them into the cream cheese mixture.

Forgot to take a picture of the 'cut' version, all was gone before I can remember to take... ;)
Verdict: Could do with an additional dash of liquer into the coffee bath mixture. The strawberries with cointreau is a refreshing change to the traditional tiramisu. There were leftovers of the sliced strawberries which W and I happily ate. :)

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Anonymous said...

hello. would you be kind enough to tell me where you got the • Cointreau, an orange liqueur and • coffee liqueur from??? i hav no idea what these ingredients are.
if possible email be back at thesetiredbones@gmail.com? thanks!!! i intend to make tiramisu for me bf on xmas :)) pls pls help!!! ><