Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sydney trip, Part 2

Has been back from SYD for more than a week now. Was so tied up that I can't find the time to blog. There are so many dishes cooked/baked but no time to load up... The above pics on the Harbour bridge and Opera House were taken on my last night in Sydney. The job has been tiring and I spent the last night having Vietnamnese food in Chinatown, walking up along George St, stopping at Gelatissimo for my favourite chocolate gelato, and ending up at Opera House for the breath taking view. Will miss the time spent in Paddy's market buying the nuts and dried fruits and the time at Fish Market, buying the fresh oysters and sashimi, sitting by Wentworth park watching the rugby training and seagulls. It's just so mind relaxing. Guess the next time I will be back in AU will in 2008... till then, I have these pics for memory. :)


Monique said...

Those are really nice pics of the bridge and Opera House. I'm just terrible at taking pics at night, but I just blame it on my camera! :P

samshiki said...

Hi Monique,
thanks for the compliment. A bit embarassed, cos I took them using my 3.2 megapixel Sony Ericsson camera phone. Looks good when it's small. Can't enlarge it, otherwise, its very ugly!